Volunteer Opportunities


“No one is more cherished in this world than someone who lightens the burden of another.” (Anonymous)

We recognize that there are a lot of wonderful ways and many places in our community to get involved as a volunteer. Therefore, we are honored that you are interested in, and considering involvement with AVA Care.

Your active involvement “lightens the burden” of others by assisting the staff in the day-to-day responsibilities of AVA Care,  and helping to create a culture of life within our community. Please see the volunteer opportunities listed below.

Church Liaison

Represents AVA Care within the local church. Informs the pastor and the congregation of AVA Care needs and upcoming events with information provided by the Events Coordinator. Contact amalie@avacareforyou.org for more information.

Patient Advocate

Provides care to those facing unintended pregnancy by listening, validating concerns, and presenting education about pregnancy options. Both men and women can apply for this role.

* There are no volunteer needs at this time.

Healthcare Professional (includes: Nurse, Nurse Practitioner, Physician Assistant, Physician)

Administers pregnancy tests and educates patients on pregnancy options, fetal development, and sexual health. Also provides STI testing and treatment. Opportunities are also available for sonographers for performing limited obstetric ultrasounds.



Assists the Director of Marketing on various projects. A marketing internship opportunity is available. Please contact susan@avacareforyou.org for more information on the internship.

Prayer Partner

Actively prays for AVA Care, its staff, volunteers and clients. Receives regular prayer requests for all areas of ministry provided through AVA Care. Attends regularly scheduled prayer meetings held at AVA Care.

Move for Life Volunteers

Various positions are available to help with the Move for Life each year. These include: assisting with registration, handing out food, manning tables, helping with setup and tear down, and more. For more information, please contact amalie@avacareforyou.org.

Please contact 540.434.7528 or getinvolved@avacareforyou.org for more information. To apply for an AVA Care volunteer position, please fill out the application form and send to the email above.

Volunteer Application