As a parachurch organization, AVA Care depends on the partnership and support from the local church community. There are many ways that local churches can be involved in the work of AVA Care. Opportunities are listed below:

  • Appoint a church liaison – serves as the connection between your church congregation and AVA Care
  • Participate in the Change for Life baby bottle campaign
  • Organize a Move for Life team
  • Add AVA Care to your monthly missions budget
  • Invite an AVA Care staff member to speak at a service
  • Host a baby shower for AVA Care

We recognize that every church is unique, and therefore each has its own traditions and structure. We welcome the opportunity to talk with you about any ideas you have about how your church can get involved and support the valuable work of AVA Care.

For more information about church involvement or to inquire about becoming a church liaison, please contact Susan Null, Executive Director at 540.434.7528 or