Financial Giving


Want to know how you can make a difference? Become an InvestHer!

Many women walk through our doors undecided about how to proceed with their pregnancy. Oftentimes these women believe abortion is their best or only option. Your generous financial support allows us to provide many valuable services, all at no cost to them.

When you make an ongoing financial commitment, either monthly or annually, you become an InvestHer. Please prayerfully consider becoming an InvestHer today.

  • $50/month or $600/year
  • $75/month or $900/year
  • $125/month or $1,500/year
  • any amount you desire

Please contact Susan Null, Executive Director, if you have additional questions about the InvestHer program or would like to sign up to become an InvestHer. Thank you for investing in AVA Care.

3 Ways to Give:

  1. Click one of the buttons below.
  2. Have your gift automatically charged to your credit card or deducted from your bank account monthly. Contact the Operations Coordinator for more details on this payment arrangement.
  3. Mail a check to AVA Care of Harrisonburg – 833 MLK, Jr. Way, Harrisonburg, VA 22801.

A copy of our most recent Form 990 is available upon request.