“Don’t be afraid to ask God for great things. Anything less dishonors the One who has given us such awesome promises.” ~ Jim Cymbala ~

By becoming involved in the ministry of AVA Care you actively engage in caring for women at the crossroad of uncertainty and possibility. Through prayer we can be victorious as we gain access to God’s protection, power, and peace. Join us in praying for these specific things:

  1. Our patients: Ask the Lord to bring us women who feel abortion is their best or only option. Pray that their hearts would be open to receive truth. Thank God that He is able to bring clarity to their confusion. Ask God to help them through their difficult situations and to surround them with support as they make a decision about their pregnancy.
  2. Our staff: Thank God for the staff members of AVA Care. Pray protection over each one and their families. Invite God to bless each one with wisdom, understanding, and patience. Pray for continued unity and loyalty among the staff as each one does their part to care for our clients.
  3. Our volunteers: Give praise to God for His faithfulness in providing workers for AVA Care. Ask the Lord to continue providing watchful care and health to each volunteer. Pray that the Lord will bless the work that they do and give them peace in their hearts.
  4. Our finances: Thank God that He is faithful! Ask Him to continue to supply for our needs according to His riches. Ask God to give us creativity in raising the funds we need to provide the services of AVA Care. Pray that we will continue to be good stewards of His blessings.
  5. Our work: Pray that God would be glorified in every AVA Care activity;  from day–to–day operations, to speaking engagements in the community, as well as fundraising events. Pray that our advertising efforts would reach the women who most need our services.
  6. Our reputation: Pray that we would be favored in our community. Pray against misunderstandings about AVA Care and what we do. Ask God for continual protection against any attempts meant to destroy the work of AVA Care. Pray that AVA Care would always be represented with excellence and integrity.

“Nothing is impossible with God.”
~ Angel of the Lord ~